Insight from a Recent College Grad

As a graduating college student, there’s obviously a lot to think about regarding the next steps to take after college. To help direct our focus to a professional mindset, my class and I had the pleasure of hearing from Meghan Richards. A recent graduate from my school, Champlain College, she’s fresh off the boat from college to her career as a digital marketer and offered us some wisdom to carry with us as we build our professional network.

I really enjoyed hearing from Meghan because less than a year ago she was sitting right beside us as a student. We actually shared a class or two together. My Full PDI (Personal Digital Identity) Capstone project focuses on building our professional network and marketing ourselves effectively, and hearing her speak to our class about her employment experience after college with such a good attitude definitely eased some angst.

No homework, no problem

Every post-grad that I’ve heard from has explained how nice it is to leave work at the end of the day without your work following you home. No projects, no essays, no reflections. You wake up, go to work, get your job done, and go home to do whatever you want.

Obviously there are exceptions, but this is a very common theme that arises when speaking to young professionals about work versus school. My main source of stress is because of pending deadlines for my classes. So when I think about having each evening at my disposal, I can’t wait for the workforce!

Keyword research and SEO are in high demand

As a VT Teddy Bear Marketing Specialist, she mentioned that one of her key duties is Amazon keyword research and SEO. I’ve recently been having a Linkedin conversation with a Social Program Manager at EXCLUSIVE. She told me that they needed people for their product ad and paid search teams. It sounds like similar work to what Meghan is doing.

To that same point, another employee who works at the same agency said in a presentation to one of my classes last year that his job was mainly in keyword research. So it sounds like keyword research and SEO is a job that is in high demand!

Pepperjam and influencer marketing

Meghan mentioned that she is also responsible for Pepperjam influencer marketing techniques. She also mentioned “Pajamagram” a few times. I had never heard of Pajamagram, so I looked into it and found that it is a brand that revolves around cozy products.

I assume that Pepperjam, offering influencer marketing services, used Pajamagram as an influencer for the cozy VT Teddy Bears. I became familiar with influencer marketing tactics this past summer in Shanghai, except marketers over there refer to influencers as KOL’s (Key Opinion Leaders).

Network while you can

One of the last points Meghan made was a great one: networking is much more easy, let alone possible, in college. Part of this is because college students are the future of the work force, and that’s naturally where employers will place a certain amount of their focus.

There’s also the fact that colleges make a priority to provide their students with access to professional contacts across many industries. After graduation, students don’t have access to their school resources (except alumni).

As I spend time working on my Full PDI and “investing in myself” by building my professional network and establishing a professional presence, I become increasingly appreciative of the emphasis Champlain College puts on personal branding.

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