Online and Offline Marketing Tips for Handymen in Local Areas

Living off campus as a college student, I’ve seen my fair share of handy electricians, plumbers, painters – you name it. One thing they all share in common is that they are making their living off of a main network of loyal clients (mostly landlords) who regularly use their services. However, if you tried to look up these individuals, you won’t find them.

So how do trade-skill workers get ahead of the competition? While there are so many online marketing tactics to use, offline techniques are still effective believe it or not.

The real and digital world can be combined to help make sure you can get a much more secure marketing plan put in place. So, what kind of strategies are you best looking into when you want to make success a probability, not a possibility? Luckily, some helpful solutions exist for you in the form of offline marketing tips.

Leverage Your Website

One of the most important parts of managing your business is to have a website that clearly portrays what you stand for, so you should look to sell your skills on your website. Be as detailed as possible about the services you offer, and be sure to have a regularly filed in blogs that hands out useful tips to people.

A common mistake is to use blogs to promote your own services, but some non-promotional hints and tips can go a long way to helping you get seen easier.

Create Directory Listings

Directories are a major part of marketing today, and having listings on all local and national directories is a must. You can also find labour-exclusive directories so make sure to create profiles for as many as you can. It’s like having a newspaper ad out there in every newspaper; the more directories you have your name in, the better chance you can be seen.

Develop Useful Media

Want to help build a bit of a platform for yourself? Then get a YouTube channel. Start creating videos to show basic DIY tips and tricks; things that people could do around the house themselves. This allows you to give out free value, build authority and attach your reputation to your media profile.

Before long, you’ll be able to introduce yourself as ‘X, the Handyman from YouTube!’ and it becomes much easier for people to see your personality this way.

Invest in Testimonials

By invest, I mean invest the time. At the end of a job, make sure you have a form to hand over to the customer in terms of what they thought of the work carried out. Give them 4-5 questions to answer, and then use this to create intelligent testimonials for websites, social media and other platforms.

By combining the usage of social media, basic networking media like directories and also web design you can make it easier for your offline local community to find you. People will check out what you look like and act like online before they hire you today.

Any handymen looking to make the most of their skills and their opportunity locally should look to utilize online media to help augment those backgrounds checks carried out on you.

So if you’re happy making your living on word of mouth, know that there’s more business out there, and now you have some guidance to fulfill it.

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