My Old Professional Values

Below is what I considered to be my professional values statement as of October, 2017. Click here to read my current statement on professional values.

I’ve witnessed people denounce modern marketing tactics as unethical, and even harmful, to customers who have their personal information collected and monetized. This is a fallacy because a lack of data actually limits a brands ability to reach its most valuable customers.

The fact of the matter is that consumer data enables marketers to better suit consumer needs. Successful marketing can lead to millions of dollars in revenue,which enables brands that have a positive impact on the world to execute their mission effectively.

As we progress as a global community, innovation is a constant theme, yielding products, services, and entire industries that serve humanity for the better. It’s up to marketers to communicate the value of such innovations to the customer in a way that matches their preconceived understanding.

Understanding consumer needs is why the iPod squashed the mp3 player, it’s why over a quarter of the world active on Facebook, and it’s why someone who doesn’t care about climate change will buy a Tesla Powerwall. Not because of the environmental benefit, but because of how much money it will save long-term.

In 50 years we will be living incredibly healthier lifestyles with more sustainable and energy efficient products. That is, however, only if marketers do their jobs.

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