Apple vs. FBI: Who Should Be Allowed Access to Personal Data?

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, says that an iPhone is an extension of ourselves. The amount of personal data that we send out through our smartphones is what makes Cook’s statement so true. The phones then provide countless companies with a picture of who we are. How are companies supposed to handle this information? In … Continue reading Apple vs. FBI: Who Should Be Allowed Access to Personal Data?


Is It “Body Shaming” or Is It Just Good Marketing?

Ever heard of a brand called Protein World? They're a UK-based retail brand that sells non-GMO, low calorie weight loss and protein supplements. If you've heard of them, you may have noticed a fair share of controversy around the way Protein World pushes their product. Controversial billboard ad Months before the summer of 2015, Protein … Continue reading Is It “Body Shaming” or Is It Just Good Marketing?

My Professional Values – Updated

The digital marketing world is changing everyday, and marketers need to constantly stay up to date with industry trends in order to find new opportunities to reach their audience. That can be difficult. It's easy to talk to other marketers about optimized marketing techniques, but I've learned that there are plenty of companies who aren't … Continue reading My Professional Values – Updated

Should Amazon be allowed to listen to us?

DeontologyDeontology defines inherent human rights as being able to think, choose, and act. With the emergence of the internet of things and all that comes with it, these basic human rights, in terms of privacy, are called into question: How can we trust a company that is harnessing every little detail about us on a … Continue reading Should Amazon be allowed to listen to us?

Do the DMA’s New Rules Matter?

Data and marketing have become major buzzwords in the marketing world. Still, both data collection and marketing are essential parts of how people do business. That said, comparative lack of regulation in the United States is not quite the same as it is over in Europe. While American marketers have long run under a self-regulatory marketing … Continue reading Do the DMA’s New Rules Matter?

My Old Professional Values

Below is what I considered to be my professional values statement as of October, 2017. Click here to read my current statement on professional values. I've witnessed people denounce modern marketing tactics as unethical, and even harmful, to customers who have their personal information collected and monetized. This is a fallacy because a lack of … Continue reading My Old Professional Values