Brightmind Meditation LLC

Brightmind is a mindfulness and meditation app that was released on the App Store in November, 2017. Will White managed a team of 8 people with tasked with analyzing the performance of Brightmind’s promoted content. Will White was in charge of delegating individual duties, consolidating presentation and documentation materials, and directed the overall focus of the group.

Client work from Will and his team included:

  • Brightmind’s buyer personas based on Facebook Developer data
  • Cost-per-download from Brightmind’s boosted Facebook post
  • Education on the difference between “Facebook Ads” vs. “boosted posts”
  • Comprehensive measurement plan

Will played a huge role in creating one cohesive presentation and documentation for the client. While there were three separate teams, each performing their own analysis, Will White consulted with 3 other team managers in order to merge each team’s results. Making sure there was no overlap from each team was critical. Will went on to be one of six people who each provided analysis and recommendations to the CEO of Brightmind, who was very pleased with the results.

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