Mailman X

AAIA_wDGAAAAAQAAAAAAAApgAAAAJDQ0NmFiYWZkLTE3OTctNDM5ZC04MWZkLWJkYzc5MzdiYjBlMQ“In 7 short weeks in China, Will was not only a major contributor to our content funnel, he proved to be a quick learner and self starter for all the projects he was responsible for during his time at Mailman. I see a lot of potential for him in any fast moving agency, especially businesses who value people with a core understanding about digital in China. His “can-do/positive” attitude towards a new market and continued willingness to learn made him a great asset to my team here in Shanghai.”

Michael Lin, Account & Business Director at Mailman X

Will White wrote 20 case studies for Mailman’s website about various campaigns that were run for an international clientele. In each case study, Will describes what Mailman did for their clients, why they did so, and how the campaigns resonated with a Chinese audience.

*Links to each case studies used to be provided, but have since been removed due to Mailman’s website reconstruction.


In addition to 20 case studies, Will also contributed to the company blog. He wrote about anything that had to do with the Chinese digital tech industry, Chinese tourism, and current events.

Links to each blog post are provided below:

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